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Signal Trader provides a detailed explanation between Automated Trading versus Manual Trading. What I like about the website is that it also provides a Glossary on the terms and words normally used in the Binary Options market. It is informative for a new Trader like me and I like that the website is very professional and straightforward in what they do and explain the industry in a layman way.


Signal Trader is just a referring broker; it only acts as a platform with information and signal advice for a number of trading brokers. This means you have concise and compiled information given to you for you to conduct your trading. Signal Trader provides their clients with an advanced auto-execution mirror system. It means the clients are able to follow the trades of prop traders, whose accounts are shown live in Signal Trader’s trading rooms.


If you are a client, you can actually look at how the traders’ trade live and you can decide whether you want to follow or not. And if you particular feel at sync with a prop trader, you can choose to follow the trader and slowly work on your portfolio as you go along. Of course, you will be provided with signal alerts by email on the trading activity of the chosen prop traders.


When I search more information on this website, there are quite favourable reviews about this website. All the trading going on in the trading rooms is live and real accounts of the prop traders on Signal Trader.


Signal Trader has a selection of Binary Options Brokers that they partner with. This is a good site to consider if you are new to Binary Options and see if this way of getting leads and signals is the one for you.